Vladimir Prus

System, Big Data and UI/UX engineer, technical manager and open-source contributor.

Latest blog post: Next-Gen Web Authentication


I lead the analytics platform team at Joom, a e-commerce company. Previously, I contributed to backend for Joom's initial launch.


At Pixty, a photo-sharing startup, I was working on desktop UI and cloud backend.

Sourcery CodeBench

Lead UX design and UI engineering of an Eclipse-based IDE for embedded systems. The flagship features include flash support, I/O register browsing, custom board editor, automatic configuration of debug probes, remote Linux debugging and kernel module debug support. Learn more.


Implemented several significant changes, such as flash programming and multi-location breakpoints (to support C++ templates and constructors). Also made the first proof-of-concept prototype of Python scripting, which eventually lead to full-blown Python support.

Boost C++ Libraries

I have created Boost.Build, a modern, high-level build system for C++ projects. I also authored Boost.ProgramOptions library.


Built a custom product for an embedded DSP processor, including simulator, GDB-based debugger and IDE with a number of custom views. Contributed multiple changes, such as variable tooltips.

Visual Studio for ARM/GDB

Implemented a plugin to Visual Studio that adds GDB debugging support on an ARM/Linux target. This technology went on to be used in NVidia NSight.

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