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Vladimir Prus

Big Data and System Engineer

Latest blog post: Chaos and Order in Software Development

Joom Analytics Platform

I lead the analytics platform team at Joom, a e-commerce company. We use AWS and Kubernetes (see why), operate Spark on top of Kubernetes (see how), and have deep expertise on optimizing the entire stack. On top, we create key ETL pipelines and business reports. Finally, we have developed advanced tools such A/B experiment platform and anomaly detection system.

Joom & Pixty

Before big data, I contributed to the Joom's initial launch as Go backend engineer. Prior to that, with the same team, we worked on Pixty, a photo-sharing startup. I have created complete desktop app for Windows and Mac OS, and contributed to the cloud backend. You can read about some of the lessons.

Sourcery CodeBench

At Mentor Graphics (previously CodeSourcery), I lead UI engineering of an Eclipse-based IDE for embedded systems. The flagship features include flash support, I/O register browsing, custom board editor, automatic configuration of debug probes, remote Linux debugging and kernel module debug support. Learn more.


Implemented several significant changes, such as flash programming and multi-location breakpoints (to support C++ templates and constructors). Also made the first proof-of-concept prototype of Python scripting, which eventually lead to full-blown Python support.

Boost C++ Libraries

I have created Boost.Build, a modern, high-level build system for C++ projects. I also authored Boost.ProgramOptions library.


Built a custom product for an embedded DSP processor, including simulator, GDB-based debugger and IDE with a number of custom views. Contributed multiple changes, such as variable tooltips.